Talking about ourselves would really be a story of an enterprise, which from just a very meagre beginning could attain the forefront position in its sphere only through firmness of purpose, honesty of effort and sincerity of labour.
Our organisation Dey’s Medical Stores (Manufacturing) Limited, also known as Dey’s is today a well-reputed industrial undertaking of the country with it factories, two in the State of West Bengal and another in U.P. engaged in the manufacture of essential, vital and life-saving drugs for marketing and supply throughout this country as well as abroad.

Mr. B.N. Dey


In 1941, Mr. B.N. Dey, from a mere urge to serve the society, started a small retail medical store in Calcutta. Through his unique character, vision and determination combined with a sincere honesty, soon he was able to gain the confidence of the medical profession including the stalwarts in the field. During the second world war, when the supply of essential drugs was uncertain and much hampered, due to his initiative, Dey’s came forward in the field of agency to ensure and maintain a steady supply of life-saving drugs and appliances to the medical profession, fighting troops and also to the ailing people of the country.

Keo Karpin Hair Oil was also his brainchild and came into light in 1956. It was due to his vision and keen eye for opportunities that Dey’s went on to pioneer the Light hair oil category with Keo Karpin hair Oil. He was the founder of Dey’s Medical Group of Companies, served the company as Managing Director till he left for his heavenly abode in the year 1989, but not before he had managed to take the business to dizzying heights.

Gautam Dey


Right from our inception in 1941 we have always placed great emphasis on the quality of our products. We have been able to come this far by maintaining a strict vigilance on the various processes within our organization be it procurement, manufacturing, distribution or salesmanship. This in turn has allowed us to satisfy our customers to the utmost and helped us to create a loyal consumer base over the years.

Although hair oil itself is a traditional product by nature we will always be recognized as the pioneers of the light hair oil category. The industry since then has come a long way with changing consumer demands and with the advent of consumerism in the last decade or so there has been a constant surge in the intensity of competition. We have honestly admitted that we had lost our way in between due to these reasons but since the last four years we have once again begun marching forward in the right direction.

We will continue to systematically upgrade ourselves such that we are able to adapt and evolve with the ever changing times. Not only will we keep improving our current set of products but we will strive to develop and deliver new products so that we can continue to satisfy our consumers for years to come.

Dibyendu Roy


“​….with the increasing desire to look presentable and stylish, Hair Care Market in India is getting fragmented with the advent of lot of categories. But when it comes to Nourishment & Growth story, Hair Oil still takes a leading role in the mindset of the consumers and there are emotional attachments too…

For almost 60 years, as a pioneer of Light Non Sticky Hair Oil in the country, Keo Karpin holds a key position in the consumer mindset. Our consistency in Quality, Sensuous Appeal, Post Bath Feel and a unique Olive Oil & Vitamin E combination creates a Value for Money for our consumers. They have a huge bonding & Trust with the Brand….”​

A hardcore marketing professional having 22 yrs of experience in FMCG and retail industries, Dibyendu Roy, holds the position of COO in Dey’s Medical Consumer Products Division. He believes in innovation of brand building model, marketing ​ ​&​ ​advertising Strategies, media planning for giving a true momentum to a sluggish brand like Keo Karpin Hair Oil, which was gasping till 2013 end. Keo Karpin regained its lost leadership market Share as pioneer in Light Hair oil category. In pulling up the Brand Image and bringing back the lost glory, that resulted month on month growth since Nov 2013 till date​, Mr.Roy is instrumental all through​.


  • In the year 2014-15 he was awarded with the Outstanding Achievement Award by our Chairman & MD.
  • He has also been honoured with Asia’s Most Promising Leaders award for the year 2015-16 by WCRC.
  • Since the beginning, Mr. Roy’s immense contribution brought Keo Karpin 48 per cent value growth.
  • The first ever Rs.10/-MRP Hair Oil in​ “​ P​ET​ JAR​ “​ was launched​​.​

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