Tip 1: DONT’s : Scalp and Hair Health

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Tip 1: DONT’s : Scalp and Hair Health

#1 Don’t over-wash your hair.
The excessive grease may make you want to shampoo more often but don’t as too frequent washing can dry the scalp out and affect over all scalp and hair condition. Limit washing to twice a week. Don’t use shampoo twice in one bath. Once is sufficient. 
#2 Don’t treat your hair and scalp roughly.
Men tend to rub in the shampoo and scrub their scalps with their nails during cleansing. Avoid this practice as it weakens the protective layer of the scalp and makes it vulnerable to infection. Wet hair is also more prone to breakage if its pulled and tugged at too vigorously leading to breakage. Don’t comb vigorously while wet and avoid drying your hair roughly. Pat dry with a cotton towel.
#3 Don’t use too many products.
Using too many hair styling products like hair gel, hair wax, hair spray or other hair product can cause drying and product buildup leading to clogged pores and dandruff. Use light hair oils with nourishing ingredients like Keo Karpin Light Hair Oil thereby ensuring your hair gets nurtured and looks well groomed.
#4 Don’t expose the scalp and hair to extremes in temperature.
Men tend to stand directly under showers or the stream of hot or cold water and this can cause scalp shock and stress leading to hair fall and hair frizz due to moisture loss. Freezing cold water can block blood flow by constricting the blood capillaries and blocking the vital nutrients to your scalp. Wash your hair in tepid water only. Driers too should be set at mid temper

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