Flower Power: Jasmine

flower-power-jasminWomen have always used flowers to adorn their hair, jasmine Gajras, wrapped around buns or worn along the lengths of plaits, the rose, either as a single piece or as a bunch of three or four, pinned alongside bridal coiffures or tucked neatly into the folds of braided hair are a common sight during the festive and bridal seasons. In the West a spray of orchids, or violet or lavender and other delicate tiny flowers woven into intricate headbands or arranged artistically into chignons and barrel curls make for pretty romantic style statements indeed, But flower power extends beyond just visual appeal, used as it is in a variety of hair care potions that both encourage growth and add gloss and lustre to the hair.

Jasmine has a heady aroma and can lend a delightful fragrance to any head of hair. As a hair care aid it works miracles too, You can make frizzy dry hair soft and shiny by applying a mixture of jasmine paste, and Ten drops of Keo Karpin light hair oil for 15 minutes on your hair before you shampoo it.

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