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Hair Mask

An efficient hair product should nurture both the scalp and the hair. Creating a hair mask that provides healthy nutrients to both scalp and hair works towards insuring your hair looks it’s lustrous bouncy best.

1: 10 drops Keo KARPIN hair oil to nourish the scalp with the goodness of Olive oil and rejuvenate ends that are brittle
2: 6 drops of Lemon juice: its toning properties cleanses the scalp and rids it of dandruff and excess grease.
3: 8 Tablespoons of milk, a known deep ,conditioning agent that also relaxes and smoothens the hair.
4: 1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar for ridding the scalp of infections and stabilizing it’s ph levels
Mix all of the above ingredients and apply to the scalp mids and ends of hair and leave for 1/2 an hour. Wrap under a hot towel or sit under a hooded steam drier for 10 minutes.
Wash off, dry the hair and then apply KEO KARPIN Light Hair Oil on mids and tips to combat and smoothen and repair

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