Keo Karpin Non Sticky Hair Oil

Only Keo Karpin Hair Oil keeps your hair protected from stress and pollution as Olive Oil & Vitamin E enriched formulation nourishes your hair from the roots and no matter where life takes you, your hair stays smooth, soft & shiny.

Benefits of Keo Karpin Hair Oil

Keo Karpin is a perfect blend of Olive oil and Vitamin E. It guards, nourishes and rejuvenates your scalp and hair.

Olive Oil: Protects the keratin in hair and seals in moisture, makes hair stronger & shinier, softens hair, boosts scalp health. Vitamin E: Stimulates hair growth, gives lustrous hair, repairs split ends, prevents premature graying.

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Happy New YearNew year's resolutions are for make for breaking, but never cheat to keep your hair healthy. Look this new year with beautiful hair with Keo Karpin Hair Oil.