HENNA: Natural Hair Coloring

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HENNA: Natural Hair Coloring

Henna has been the go to option for those who wish to avoid coloring for as long as possible. Available readily in powder form this colorant, leaves the hair with a reddish copper Auburn tint, is a natural conditioner, and lasts longer than other plant based colours

  1. Mix about 1/2 cup of henna with 1/2 a cup of tepid water- Mix in 1/4 tsp Keo Karpin Hair Oil for Aroma and to prevent hair dryness
  2. Stir till it’s completely mixed to a dropping consistency and feels like the consistency of mashed.
  3. Cover the mixture with a lit and let it sit overnight
  4. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo
  5. Apply a skin protective oil along the hairline to prevent staining, wear a headband and apply an oil like coconut oil along your hairline. This is so the henna won’t stain your skin.
  6. Apply the paste mixture to damp hair in small sections.
  7. Wrap your hair in plastic and let the color develop for a minimum of two hours
  8. Wash your hair with water thoroughly

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