How to Colour Your Hair Naturally Sans Chemicals

img2Indigo: Indigo gives the hair a blue black hue and is ideal for those wanting to go Goth or cover greys. 
1. In a container, Mix in 1 cup of HENNA powder with 1/2 cup of lemon juice. Add 1/2 Cup to 1 Cup water and blend till it’s a thick creamy consistency. 
2. Let this sit for a day till the red dye has released in full potency. The amount of time it’s allowed to soak is directly proportional to red dye released.
3. Add INDIGO powder  (a plant derivative) and 10 drops of KEO KARPIN lightweight in this HENNA paste. Blend in and stir thoroughly with very hot water-in about 20 minutes you will notice the green Henna powder turn deep indigo and then black, the minute it turns black it’s ready for use. 
4. Starting at the nape, taking section by section, apply the paste, leaving it on for 5 hrs at least. 
5. Rinse off ( do not shampoo) with cool water and then liberally apply condition. 

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