How to Get The Best of Your Braiding

img21: Brush the hair detangling it thoroughly.
2: For controlled braiding the first step is to prep the hair using a styling product, like a serum, a light oil or a water based gel to tame flyways and to add sleekness, this affects the final outcome and helps toward a more polished finish. Dont overuse product especially gel as dried out gel can give the braid a unwanted crispy look.
3: Make definite sections so weaving happens with over lapping and untidy partings
4: To achieve an ultra neat look, use a pin tail comb for parting the hair
5: To add volume to your braid backcomb sections or crimp them
6: The messy or tousled braid has craft behind it too, the braid has to be executed perfectly and then the strands pulled out artfully before being lightly sprayed, this is best done on hair that has not been shampooed. Using a dry shampoo helps with the textured affect.
7: Practice makes perfect so the more you weave the better and quicker you become with it, if you are a novice, try out styles on a friends hair.

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