Tip 4: Jawclips – Hair Accessories Styling Method

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Tip 4: Jawclips – Hair Accessories Styling Method

The large jawclips are saviours for those girls with thick heads of hair that can’t be contained by elastics, barrettes or combs, as the grip the hair with a tight hold.

The smalller jawclips are perfect for arranging on.

The hair of kids and for those whose hair is too thin to put into the other embellishments as more often than not there isn’t enough hair for bare eyes and elastics to hold onto.

Styling methods

Pull all the hair up and away from the face, twist it around your fingers then take a Jaw clip open its teeth and place it at the bottom Of the twist so that it grasps the hair firmly. The hair above it will automatically fan out attractively. This style works well for both thin and thick hair.

Tip: Jaw clips can tug on hair roots and weaken them, causing traction baldness over a period of time so make sure to nourish the roots with a hair oils massage with Keo Karpin hair oil once a week.

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