Tips 4: Oil Massage Therapy

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Tips 4: Oil Massage Therapy

An oil massage is the perfect solution for a stressed scalp that has had to bear the wear and tear of hair being tied too tightly,and that has been washed too frequently to rid itself of residual pollutions.

Ingredients for the oil massage:

Mix slightly warmed Keo Karpin Light Hair Oil with three drops of Lavender essential oil and apply systematically throughout the hair.

1: Using synchronized massage movements let the scalp absorb the nutrients from the oil.

2: Apply a hot towel/ steam over the hair for a deeper penetration of oil.

3: Remove the towel and once again give the scalp a gentle 5 minute massage for blood circulation.

4: Leave the oil on for 1 hour.

5: Wash with a sulphate free shampoo.

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