Tip 1 : Curly Hair Care

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Tip 1 : Curly Hair Care

The most accepted curly hair classification system groups curly types from 2 to 4

Type 1 represents the complete absence of curl (or straight hair).

Type 2 typically has within its fold varying degrees of wavy hair

Type 3 is the loose, spiralled curls variety

Type 4 includes tighter and coiled curls

Remember these pointers:

1: Use sulphate free shampoo

2: try and use a co wash shampoo( mix of shampoo and conditioner)

3: don’t use brushes

4: don’t use heat on curly hair

5 all types of curls benefit from using Keo Karpin light weight oil along the mids and ends to prevent excess drying

6: flip hair over add a touch of gel and scrunch dry with tissue paper

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