Tip 1 : Easy Tips to Boost your Hair Volume

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Tip 1 : Easy Tips to Boost your Hair Volume

1: Crimping
Hair crimping is a method of styling usually straight, long hair with a heated crimping iron so that it becomes wavy. Often in a sawtooth or zig-zag fashion.
This adds a lot of volume and gives fine hair texture and bulk that makes styling it easy.
The hair is taken in thin sliced sections and then crimped.
The finer the section the more the illusion of volume.
Heat applied to the hair at these temperatures can damage the hair so make sure you apply Keo Karpin Light Hair Oil as a heat protector before styling.

2: Backcombing
Backcombing is a way of repeatedly combing and teasing fine sections of the hair to give the appearance of density.
The hair is finely sectioned, held up at a 90 • angle and then using combs that have closely set teeth to trap and guide the strands toward the scalp in a systematic tangle. This creates volume as well a firm base on which you can create styles that give the appearance of thickness which may even help camouflage thinned patches.
All tangles and teasing can be removed by applying Keo Karpin Hair Oil and then combing through.

Stay tuned for more easy tips to boost your hair volume.

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