5 Amazing Benefits of Using Olivoyl?

If you want to get something natural for your skin, choose olive oil that takes complete care of your skin. It beautifies your skin, adding the perfect glow. Olive oil is good for your skin as well as fits your pocket size. 

Olive oil is one of the most essential oils used in India for skin and hair care. Olive oil has omega-6 fatty acids, omega-9 fatty acids and oleic acid, which are extremely nourishing for the skin. Olive oil is enriched with antioxidants like vitamin E, which is very effective for healthy skin. 

Let’s Explore Some of the Amazing Benefits of Using Olivoyl-

Nourishes the Skin: 

Moisturization is an important step for every skin type. Natural moisturisers always work best for our skin, and Keo Karpin olivoyl is definitely among one of them. Olive oil is enriched with healthy fats, such as omega 6, omega 9, oleic acid etc. It helps to moisturise the skin beautifully. Also, Keo Karpin body oil helps to seal the moisture in the skin by forming a protective layer on the skin. Olive oil helps to nourish, soften the skin and reduce inflammation.

Furthermore, it has the ability to control sebum production. Let’s know how- It creates a barrier between the skin and the oil, preventing the growth of microorganisms on the surface of the skin.  


Enriched with Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is an antioxidant having anti-inflammatory properties, which help to reduce cell damage and inflammation of the skin, boost cell growth and increase collagen production. 

Being an antioxidant, it helps in preventing free radicals and creates a coating against external factors like UV damage, dry wind and chilly weather, etc., to prevent premature ageing of the skin.

Anti-Ageing Properties: 

 Keo Karpin olivoyl comes with anti-ageing properties that keep your skin healthy and youthful. The anti-oxidants in Keo Karpin body oil fight free radicals and protect the skin from ageing. 

Vitamin A, an important ingredient in olive oil, lightens age spots, prevents wrinkle formation and restores skin’s natural elasticity. Thus, reversing the signs of ageing. To bring to your knowledge- Olive oil is a source of chlorophyll. It heals and calms the skin cells.

Treats Body Acne & Scars: 

The antibacterial properties of olive oil fight off bacterial infection of the skin. Keo Karpin olive oil doesn’t give rise to skin breakouts as its antibacterial properties prevent skin clogging. It lightens scars by removing swelling, redness and inflammation. 

If the PH of the skin is not maintained, it will lead to oil production. Thus, giving rise to breakouts. Olive oil , by balancing the PH of the skin, puts a stop to pimples and acne scars.

Restore Dull Skin: 

During winters, skin becomes rough and itchy, which results in flaking of the skin. Olive oil has squalene which is great for dry skin, moisturising the skin completely. Let me tell you a fact- Olive oil has mono-unsaturated fatty acids that aid in moisturising the skin and keep the flaking under control.

Choose the Best Choose Keo Karpin’s Olivoyl:

Made with the goodness of Ayurveda, Keo Karpin’s non-sticky olive oil can do wonders for your skin. Sourced from across the world, ingredients used in our products are chosen after deep research to ensure a better outcome. Shine inside out with our moisturising body oil that has the richness of beauty herbs. 

With Keo Karpin’s olive oil, dryness cannot touch your skin.


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