Body Oil: The Nourishing Fix for Dry Winter Skins

Winters are what we look forward to being residents of the subcontinent dominated by the tropical climate. For the major part of the country, barring the northern side, the summers can be scorchingly harsh. Hence, we wait throughout the year in joyful anticipation for the arrival of winter.

As much as we like winters, they can entail a few unpleasant demerits. Yes, the weather, not you, is to blame if you've noticed flaky, dry, scaly and itchy skin. Nobody likes their skin to feel as parched as a desert.

Don’t worry; all is not lost yet. Our love for winter is nowhere to go.

It's time to switch to Keo Karpin Body Oil to keep alive the spirits of our favourite winter season.

Benefits Of Body Oil: Keo Karpin

Contrary to popular belief, body oil has far more applications than merely preventing dryness. Despite being lighter in weight than body butter, the right body oil will easily absorb into your skin and keep it healthy.

Let’s now look at the several benefits of body oil during winter.

Smooth & Soft To Beat The Biting Winter

The goodness of olive and vitamin E is essential to keeping the shine & smoothness of your intact. Keo Karpin’s  Olivoyl non-sticky olive oil-based formula has stuck with generations, and rightly so. It’s full of these essential ingredients so that your body never loses its shine.

Fragrant & Glowing Skin to Survive the Winter Scream

The antioxidant properties of Haldi & Neem are crucial for maintaining healthy skin.

Keo Karpin’s non-sticky Herbal Body Oil leaves behind the fragrance of sandalwood while providing deep nutrition for healthy-looking skin.

For Healing & Moisturising Parched Skin

The lightness of non-sticky body oil revives dull skin and moisturises the deepest tissues without being greasy and heavy.

Body Oil Is Non-Negotiable

Body oil is an essential part of any skincare regimen. Besides moisturising and protecting your skin, it provides nutrition to your skin. It is indeed non-negotiable in your skincare routine since it locks in moisture & prevents dryness and irritation. Lastly, it leaves behind a lovely fragrance that keeps you feeling fresh all the time!

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